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Carpe Artista Academy Lessons Package

Do you know anyone getting art supplies or a new instrument this Holiday Season? If you do, then the gift of an 8 Week Carpe Artista Academy Lessons Package is the perfect gift for them! And remember, people value experiences and remember them for a long, long time...

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2018 Camps Are Here

We're excited to announce the full info and registration access for the Carpe Artista 2018 Camps! Creative Clash Visual Arts Camps for grades 4 through 12. 2018 camp dates are Friday, July 9 to 13, and July 16 to 20, 2018. There will be a Friday night Gallery Show...

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Our First FAN Week

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the success of our recent, first ever, Carpe Artista FAN Week! About the Week From Nov. 6th through Nov. 11th, we scheduled special entertainment, special food and drinks, and multiple special events for you, our fans. It was our...

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