Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the success of our recent, first ever, Carpe Artista FAN Week!

About the Week

From Nov. 6th through Nov. 11th, we scheduled special entertainment, special food and drinks, and multiple special events for you, our fans. It was our way of saying “thank you” while also promoting the fact that as a non-profit, 501c3 organization, we rely on donations for our very existence.

In addition to food and drink specials at the Cafe, we featured live entertainment everyday for lunch. Here were the artists that performed:

  • Jason Giger
  • Sam Nicol and Cory Williams
  • Geoff Butterworth
  • Beau Tackett
  • Lance Allen
  • Mark Henes

We also had three scheduled special events: a book release/signing, an actor’s workshop, and a CD release concert. Unfortunately, the first two events had to be cancelled due to illness (be on the lookout for rescheduling). The concert, however, featuring Billy Crain and the release of his new project, Broken Wings, took place at our 101 Building on Saturday night.


In the end it was a successful week that not only raised awareness but also over $4,000 towards our education and community development programming. And for that, we are eternally thankful!

Set your calendar now for May 28 through June 2nd when we’ll do it again with a Spring FAN Week ending with our annual Simply Smyrna Celebration on Saturday night!

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