Carpe Artista has added a new dimension to the quality of life in Smyrna. Whether it is through a music class, theater camp or any of the other opportunities for the people of Smyrna – young and old – Carpe Artista has led the way. An active arts program creates opportunities for self-expression, enjoyment and a sense of community. Through Carpe Artista, people come together who might not otherwise come into contact with each other.

Mary Esther Reed

Mayor of Smyrna

Transforming culture globally by developing local Arts Communities and Creatives to reach their full potential in character, calling, craft and community.

The Many Colors of Carpe Artista

A Message from Our Founder and CEO, Ron Alley

“At Carpe Artista we understand the power of art to influence peoples lives, attitudes and behavior. That’s why we continually challenge our staff, volunteers and students to consider the power of their creativity to impact the world in which they live in positive ways.

“I am very proud that part of the “impact” of our organization is being seen in the continued revitalization of the newly named Historic Depot District in Smyrna.

“But the impact I am most excited about is the growth we continue to see in the lives of our students. They are accepting the challenge that we have put before them to grow in their creative skill and see the power of their art to impact their community and world.”

Why Arts for Our Students?

The Mission and Vision of Carpe Artista

Carpe Artista provides artistic training, leadership development and community engagement opportunities for artists in Smyrna, North Rutherford County, and surrounding areas. We create and manage a wide range of art related classes, events, performances and camps for local residents of all ages, interests and skill levels. We are also heavily involved with the support and coordination of festivals, concerts, shows and other public cultural events. These events engage local businesses and industry to partner for cultural development while allowing Carpe to promote the creative arts to the community. Carpe Artista achieves our mission through the strict adherence to our four core values of  character, calling, craft and community:

  • Character — We believe in developing genuine fidelity to principles of morality and compassion in all our activities through consistency in action, thought, attitude, and respect for every individual we engage. We submit ourselves to these directives of character as an organization; from the student on up to the CEO.
  • Calling — We have an unwavering commitment to use our creativity as a positive contribution to the world around us. We challenge our students to surpass us in this commitment.
  • Craft — We dare ourselves and our students to reach beyond perceived accepted boundaries and accomplish proficiency in technique and taste, permitting them entrance before listeners otherwise unattainable. We promote creativity, commitment, and competence in every student we serve.
  • Community — We are responsible to serve the local communities in which we operate by being goodwill ambassadors for the arts; a resource of arts education and character development; a source of community enriching entertainment.

Carpe Artista also provides arts education support and services to several public and private schools and organizations in Smyrna and North Rutherford County. Carpe Artista is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Smryna, TN.

Arts. Community. Connected.


Garrett had been unable to return to school for a year after he suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident. He attended this Summer’s rock camp and experienced two firsts since the accident: playing drums again and, according to his grandmother, his first smile! We’re happy to report his mother said Garret was able to return to school this Fall, largely due to restored confidence found through Carpe Artista camp.


After five years of private piano, voice and composition lessons with Carpe Academy, Joshua wrote a piece for concert band all on his own. He composed it on the piano and then played it into computer software where he then arranged individual instrument and even created independant percussion parts. He and the Thurman Francis Concert Band performed the piece in this past Spring’s concert!

Addie, Noah & Micah

Special needs siblings adopted from China, Addie, Noah and Micah attended Visual Arts Camp this Summer. During the final exhibition, they each stood confidently smiling as they displayed their incredible works of art in metal sculpture, weaving, glass painting and more. Their Mom exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! I can’t begin to tell you how much this has meant to each one of them and how it has helped them.”

Carpe Artista Community Arts Center – Coming in…?

A long envisioned goal, the Carpe Artista Community Arts Center will be the centerpiece of the organization and a lively addition to the Historic Depot District of Smyrna.

Key features will be:

  • A bigger Carpe Cafe with more seating, professional stage, more room for art, and a backyard, “al fresco” dining area!
  • Dedicated art, music, and general training rooms on 2nd Floor
  • Community access to spaces and rooms for receptions, meetings, gallery shows, music/drama/dance exhibitions,  training, etc.
  • Ongoing public and private art and business events, workshops, and conferences

The Community Arts Center will also be used for the development and growth of our Carpe Studio program. Carpe Studio is a training program for young artists interested in pursuing professional careers in the arts. The students will learn leadership, team building, business, marketing, communication, and community development skills and methods through classroom and hands-on projects.

Build the arts with us!

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