Drama Classes – Friday or Saturday Mornings for 5th to 10th Graders!

Taught by Eric Massengill

Originally born in Gainesville, FL Eric now calls Murfreesboro home.  He received formal art training at the Florida School of the Arts and the University of Florida.  Additionally, Eric has been heavily involved in drama since 1999 and has had the opportunity to write, direct, and act in productions throughout middle Tn.  Eric has found his niche in teaching kids and hopes that “his kids”  will see art and drama as exciting and fun opportunities for creativity. We’re thrilled to have Eric join our team of experienced and working, local artists

Class Details

  • Choose from 10:00 – 11:30AM Fridays or Saturdays
  • For students currently in 5th to 10th grade
  • Classes will meet at the Carpe Artista Building, 101 Front Street, Smyrna, TN
  • Cost is $125.00 per month per student.

Please use the following form to connect for registration or for any additional questions you may have. We look forward to sharing the gift of the arts with your child!

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